Women Care More About The Planet Than Men, And Gender Stereotyping In Advertising Might Be To Blame

Woman recycling organic kitchen waste by composting in green container during preparation of meal

Sara Spary | HuffPost | 27/07/2018

Women are more likely than men to recycle, save water, and turn the heating off when they’re not at home – and it might be because of gender stereotyping, new research suggests.

More Brits are trying to live more ethically than last year but men are lagging behind, with 71% of women are increasing their commitment to ethical living compared with 59% of men, according to research from Mintel.

Women are also more likely to compost food waste than men and to encourage family and friends to adapt a more ethical lifestyle.

Mintel said its research indicated that advertising of eco-friendly products might be having a negative impact by creating an “eco gender gap”.