What’s going on with the weather? | Greenpeace

Lee Terrell paddles his kayak on flooded Highway 249 with his dog, Samson, during Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Flo Stuart-Leach | Greenpeace | 30/07/2018

In recent weeks we’ve seen horrifying fires in Greece, Colorado and the Arctic circle, record breaking temperatures around the world and extreme drought in places like Cape Town – to name a few. And in the UK, we’ve been feeling it too with blistering heat followed by dramatic storms. So while we race for air conditioned spaces, hang out in our straw-like parks and dodge the storms (almost simultaneously it feels like) let’s address what’s causing all this.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that there’s an elephant in the room. While newspaper headlines are often keen to focus on the ice cream sellers working overtime, or the nationwide shortage of fans, they often fail to report on one of the biggest underlying causes of the heatwave: climate change.