What is meat? (And who gets to decide that?) | Mother Nature Network

Starre Vartan | Mother Nature Network | 30/07/2018

These days, even people who would never consider going vegetarian full-time seek out and enjoy meals that are plant-based. After all, meals packed with veggies, beans and whole grains are good for you, better for the planet, and often cheaper. And for those people who still eat animals, it’s true that a steak, roast chicken, or pork ribs — like any food — is more enjoyable when eaten less frequently. (Or so my omnivorous partner tells me.) As a vegetarian, I’m the minority, but as a person who enjoys all types of protein — but is careful about the provenance and treatment of the animals he eats — my partner is one of a growing number of omnivores who eat plenty of veggie meals, too.

As more people explore animal-free diets, high-protein chunks, patties, nuggets, fillets, and balls made from veggies, processed vegetable proteins, and beans have flooded the market. And then there are lab-grown meats, which are made from the same building blocks as an animal but don’t come from a once-whole animal’s body.

There are lots of options — just don’t call any of the above “meat.”