(USA) Americans Think NASA Should Focus on Climate Change. Trump Doesn’t

Riley Griffin and Justin Bachman | Bloomberg | 01/08/2018

A Bloomberg poll shows the public and Washington don’t share the same space priorities.

NASA’s focus should not be on the cosmos but on Earth, according to a wide-ranging Bloomberg poll of Americans’ views on space.

Observing the climate should be NASA’s “top priority,” according to 43 percent of those surveyed, who chose from six possible options. One-quarter said the agency should monitor asteroids and other space objects. Only 3 percent said NASA’s top focus should be sending astronauts to the moon, while a mere 8 percent said a human trip to Mars or other planets should be the agency’s main goal.

The findings point to a stark contrast with NASA’s current focus on human spaceflight and deep-space exploration, as the agency works on a lunar orbital platform for the early 2020s and a mission to Mars in the 2030s.

The poll was conducted for Bloomberg Businessweek by research firm Morning Consult, which surveyed 2,202 U.S. adults in July.