(UK) Concern for Environment is pushing Britons to eat less meat

The Vegan Authority | 01/08/2018

28% of Britons now identify as “meat reducers” according to a new study commissioned by More Than Carrots. For Londoners, the number was slightly higher – 32% or 2.3 million.

Surveying the respondents that identified as ‘meat reducers’ – 26 per cent cut down on meat due to its carbon impact on the planet, while 15 per cent wanted to help reduce deforestation.

Annette Burgard, Founder of More Than Carrots, added: “Climate change is at a tipping point and a lot of people are beginning to realise the enormous impact that reducing meat in their diet can have on the environment.

One of the reasons More Than Carrots was founded was to help provide a list of restaurants with meat-free options on the menu.