Drivers who spot roadkill can actually help conservation

Brendan Montague | Ecologist | 27/07/2018

The Mammals on Roads survey plays a vital role in the ongoing conservation of British wildlife. Find out how you can help the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. BRENDAN MONTAGUE reports.

Drivers who spot roadkill can actually help conservationists. The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is calling on the public to record sightings of mammals – dead or alive – while driving along Britain’s roads.

Submissions will form part of PTES’s annual Mammals on Roads survey, designed to spot changing trends in populations and identify where conservation action is needed most.

According to a recent report by the Mammal Society, compiled with PTES’s help, one in five wild mammal species in Britain is at risk of extinction. But getting an idea of the size of populations and how numbers are changing remains difficult.

David Wembridge, surveys officer at PTES, explained: “At the moment, a lot of what we know is still a ‘best guess’ and what we really need are good records of mammals and of all sorts of species, more generally. Better estimates of numbers will help us understand our wildlife and the ‘natural health’ of the nation.”