Can geothermal become an affordable energy source? | The Ecologist

Emily Folk | The Ecologist | 31/07/2018

Developing the potential for renewable energy is essential to benefit both the planet and our health,. One renewable source with untapped potential is geothermal – but a cost-effective way to utilise the energy must still be found, writes EMILY FOLK.

Finding a reliable, eco-friendly and economical energy supply benefits everyone. Finding sustainable ways to live a comfortable life is an important part of existing on this planet.

We don’t have another place to call home, so if we want to thrive and survive, we have to take care of the one we have. Technology has helped advance a lot of comforts that make life easier, and it may be the key to affordable energy.

Fossil fuels have been a source of energy since 1,000 BC, with the Industrial Revolution making it the main source in the mid-1700s to today. While effective, there are some downsides, including the harm fossil fuels cause the environment and the fact that they aren’t renewable.

Humans have already done untold damage to the environment. Some of this might be able to be reversed, but some can’t. There is a desire to fix what can be fixed and stop any more damage from occurring. To accomplish this goal, there is a drive to find renewable and affordable energy sources. Of which, one possibility is geothermal.