(USA) US report: greenhouse gases surge to new worldwide highs in 2017

David Twomey | EcoNews AU | 02/08/2018

A major United States report warns planet-warming greenhouse gases surged to new highs as abnormally hot temperatures swept the globe and ice melted at record levels in the Arctic last year due to climate change.

The annual State of the Climate Report, compiled by more than 450 scientists from over 60 countries, describes worsening climate conditions worldwide in 2017, the same year that US President Donald Trump pulled out of the landmark United Nations sponsored Paris Agreement on climate change.

The French newsagency AFP reports the US is the world’s second leading polluter after China, but has rolled back environmental safeguards under President Trump, who has declared climate change a “Chinese hoax” and moved to exit the Paris Agreement signed by more than 190 nations as a path toward curbing harmful emissions.

The 300-page report issued by the American Meteorological Society and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mentioned the word “abnormal” a dozen times, referring to storms, droughts, scorching temperatures and record low ice cover in the Arctic.