(INT) Over 100 wildlife rangers have died in Asia and Central Africa in the past year

FirstPost | 01/08/2018

More than 100 wildlife rangers died on the job in Asia and central Africa over the last year, nearly half killed by poachers, the WWF reported on 1 August.

Illegal hunters are decimating endangered wildlife to gather rhino horns and big cat body parts to sell in East Asia, as well as bush meat, including gorillas, monkeys, lions and pangolins, to eat.

One-in-seven park rangers across the two regions, home to many of the planet’s richest biodiversity hotspots, were seriously injured over the same period, either in accidents or in clashes with illegal hunters.

The death toll was slightly higher than the previous July-to-July reporting period, bringing to 871 the total number of wildlife guardians who have lost their lives in the line of duty since 2009, according to the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and the Thin Green Line Foundation, which compile the grim tally.