(INT) With time running out, negotiators inch forwards on Paris climate rulebook

Megan Darby | Climate Change News | 03/08/2018

With just 122 days until a major UN conference in Poland, leading diplomats say the pace of talks must speed up

Climate negotiators need to “crank up the pace” on writing the rulebook for the Paris climate pact, a co-chair told Climate Home News as plans to streamline the process were published this week.

Jo Tyndall, the New Zealand diplomat leading talks alongside Saudi Arabia’s Sarah Baashan, said there had been “good progress” at the May meeting in Bonn.

However, she added, “there seems to be a disconnect between the amount of time we have available and the scale of the remaining work that needs to be done”.

There is one more technical session scheduled in Bangkok next month before the main UN climate summit of the year in Katowice, Poland, where ministers are due to finalise the rulebook.