(ID) Indonesia adds hundreds of birds to protected species list

Basten Gokkon | Mongabay | 03/08/2018

  • Indonesia has revised its list of protected species of plants and animals that are endemic to the country for the first time since 1999.
  • A total of 919 endemic species, most of them birds, are now banned from trading and hunting in one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth.
  • Wildlife experts in Indonesia have welcomed the update, but also warned that technical changes may hinder law enforcement against wildlife crime.
  • With the new list, conservation activists also expect people to hand over captive species that are now protected under the law.

JAKARTA — The Indonesian government has expanded its list of wildlife species banned from trading and hunting for the first time in nearly two decades, bringing the total number of protected species to more than 900.

The update takes the form of a revision to the appendix of a 1999 regulation that lists plant and animal species endemic to the country that have small populations in the wild and are on the decline because of overhunting and habitat loss. The list, signed off on July 11, now includes 919 species, mostly birds, up from 677 previously.