(DK) LEGO launch their first sustainable blocks made from sugarcane – and they hope to roll it out to most products by 2030

Adrian Woloszyk | Business Insider | 05/08/2018

  • On August 1, LEGO launched their first sustainable building bricks.
  • LEGO wants the majority of its production to be sustainable by 2030.
  • The new bricks are made of sugarcane plastic and are shaped like plants.

Danish toymaker LEGO has high ambitions for its sustainability program: by 2030, the company intends to manufacture most of its products and packaging using environmentally friendly materials or recycled sources.

In 2018, the company took its first step towards these goals by introducing plastic blocks made of plant-based materials — in the shape of plants. The company announced the introduction of sustainable LEGO blocks in March this year.