Oil Billionaire Koch Bros. Are Trying to Kill Public Transportation Across America | Ladyfreethinker

Eve Danzeisen | Lady Freethinker | 02/08/2018

Mass transit is invaluable for society’s growth. Most obviously it reduces road congestion and helps curb global warming.  With fuel efficient engines, the decrease in fuel emissions is multiplied. Public transportation also spurs economic growth, makes transportation accessible to those of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and research has shown that people who commute are healthier than those who simply get in and out of a car without the perk of exercise. So it seems counterintuitive that anyone should rally against it.

But that’s just what groups such as Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Freedom Partners, the John Birch Society, the Cato Institute, and others have been doing. All of these are funded by Charles and David Koch, more commonly referred to as the Koch brothers.

A recent New York Times article reports on how the Tennessee chapter of the AFP successfully stopped a yes vote on May 1 on a massive transit project that would have helped the increasing population in the city of Nashville.